Signing up allows you to:
    • View your account balance.
    • Manage your account.
    • Submit a photo for your new TU ID
    • And more.
    GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. GDPR is a data protection and privacy that applies to organizations located inside and outside of the European Union (EU) that offer goods or services of EU data subjects. EU data subjects are citizens of European Union member nations or those who have business interest with those countries.

    The University transfers the following information, including student ID, user ID (TUNetID), email address, first name, middle name, last name, gender, photo, and account information related to Meal Plans, Dining Dollars, Game Dollars, and Hurricane Gold Dollars. All this for the purpose of efficient service to all students by performing these functions:

    • Submitting new photo for TU ID Cards
    • Allow students to see balances of their various dining accounts
    • The possibility to deactivate a lost ID card
    • The possibility to reactivate a found id card
    The information only transfer the information once a login by the student has occurred.


    Data Protection Statement by Blackboard


    A student that does not have an active business or active contractual relationship to provide services may request to be forgotten through anonimization of their data by opting out of this section.

    If you wish to not share this information with Blackboard for these purposes, do not sign in to the website. Please contact Parking & Card Services for information.